YL meeting on Svalbard 20 - 24 Aug. 1998

Official photo 51 YLs, representing 14 different countries coming together in a far away place like Longyearbyen, Svalbard. Can you imaging all the talk!

There were three of us from Sweden. 

We had so much to talk about, and so many memories to share, since our last meeting in Berlin, two years ago, that there was little time for sleep. The radio station JW0YL was active all around the clock. That was all right of course since there was no night, or at least it never got dark. This picture is actually taken at midnight. LA-SM-YLs
the organizers
Our hostesses, LA6RHA Unni, JW8KT Inger, LA6ZH Ruth, and Ingrid, (Turid LA9THA is missing in picture), had prepared an impressive program for us, including a boat trip to Barentsburg, the Russian settlement, and serving whisky on the rocks, where the ice came from the Esmark glacier, and was 10 million years old! I don't think the same applied for the whisky.

They also treated us to a delicious banquet as you can see from the menu

The Svalbard meeting was a great success, and I for one will remember it for a long time.

Among the souveniers I brought back was a fossil, very heavy, and a collector's first day letter. Not so heavy!

first day letter

On the key from JW0YL, operating as JW/SM5EUU
Article sent to a YL magazin.
Kerstin 98-08-26