YL World 1991

After the Hawaii-meeting we wanted to meet again, and perhaps somewhere outside of the US.
The Swedish YLs offered to arrange a meeting, and we called it YL World. That was the
beginning of a series of meetings all around the world.

1993  Japan
1996  Berlin
1998 Svalbard
2000 New Zealand
2002 Sicily

Almost everyone outside Raija's SM0HNV house.
WD8DQG Carol
At check in everyone got a Swedish bag, You can see them in the background. It contained, apart from programme and broschures, a YL World badge, and a piece of Swedish jewellery from Skultuna Brassworks, The Crown.
Sue, KA6SOC, is watching the check-in 

Hiromi JJ1CAS
There was of course a radio station in operation during the meeting, and we had permission to use the event callsign SK0YL. This was much appreciated by our foreign visitors. Above you can see Hiromi, JJ1CAS, and Elisabeth VE7YL, Sue, KA6SOC and their assistant SM5QQ
We took our guests to Midsummer celebrations, very Swedish that is. They got to dance and to do the sack race, and they took part and enjoyed themselves. A Japanese gentleman won the sack race.
The Swedish YLs were wearing old-fashioned Swedish costumes.

The evening meal was typical for Midsummer, herrings and snaps.

We taught all to sing
Helan går. 
And they managed.
The programme also included a boat tour and a visit to Skokloster.
Kerstin 040206